13 Great Movies to Come out of Scotland!

Seeing as some of us are stuck in self-isolation for a couple of weeks and having to cancel trips to Scotland in particular, I created a list of 20 Scottish movies you can watch while you’re stuck indoors to experience a bit of Scotland’s culture while you’re at home! Please note; this list is in no particular order. Also, apologies for the quality of some of the clips for some of the older movies. Some of them were all I could find on the internet given that some of these predate the times before everyone had a computer or smart phone.

1. Sunshine on Leith

Sunshine on Leith is basically a musical featuring music by the Scottish band Proclaimers (who I listed in my blog post detailing what I think are the top 20 songs to come out of Scotland). The film features two men who have to relearn how to live in Edinburgh again after returning from Afghanistan. Check out the trailer above for a wee clip.

2. The Angel’s Share

Directed by Ken Loach, The Angle’s Share is about a new dad who narrowly avoids jail and vows to turn over a new leaf. However, a visit to a whisky distillery inspires him…

3. Sweet Sixteen

Another great movie directed by Ken Loach, Sweet Sixteen is about a young teenage boy who, waiting on his mother to get out of prison, sets about trying to raise money for a home for them…

4. NEDs

Coming of age movie where a bright, studious young boy faces the challenges of being a youth in Scotland.

5. Outlaw King

The first Hollywood movie to feature on this list and starring Chris Pine, Outlaw King tells the story of Robert the Bruce.

6. Mary Queen of Scots

Another Hollywood film to feature on this list, starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, it chronicles the 1959 conflict between Scotland and England.

7. Braveheart

This one needs no introduction and whilst it’s completely factually incorrect, it’s still a great movie.

8. Trainspotting

Directed by Danny Boyle and starring Ewan McGregor, this classic set in Edinburgh is another which needs to no introduction! Based on the classic Irvine Welsh book.

9. T2 Trainspotting

The follow up to Trainspotting and starring all the old gang, T2 Trainspotting does not disappoint…

10. Filth

Starring James McAvoy as lead character and based on the Irvine Walsh novel of the same name, Filth is about a corrupt, drug addicted policeman with bipolar disorder who attempts to manipulate his way to a promotion whilst fighting his own inner demons.

11. My Name is Joe

Another film on this list directed by Ken Loach (gotta admit, I do like a Ken Loach film) , My Name Is Joe is a film about an unemployed, recovering alcoholic from Glasgow who meets and falls in love with a health visitor.

12. Restless Natives

This 1985 film follows the story of 2 young men from Scotland who, in rebellion to their drab lives, become modern highwaymen. Absolute classic!

13. Anna and the Apocalypse

I realise when I say the words “zombie musical set in Scotland and made on a low budget” you’re probably going to think this movie will be the biggest pile of shite you’ve ever watched (and the trailer really doesn’t do it justice), but I promise you the is a great film! Trust me, you’ll be singing and tapping along to zombies getting killed in no time!

Anyway, that’s some films I recommend if you’re looking to experience a wee bit of Scotland from your living room! A lot of them are quite different from one another so there may be some you enjoy more than others depending on personal taste. Let me know which ones you enjoyed the most!

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