7 Reasons to Visit Fort William

There are most certainly more than 7 reasons to come to Fort William! However, I couldn’t fit them all in 1 blog post, so here’s some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t miss Fort William out of any Scotland itinerary!

Climb Ben Nevis – Scotland’s highest peak!

As Scotland’s highest mountain, attracting many visitors every year, Ben Nevis is by no means an off-the-beaten track place! However, there is a reason it’s so popular and which is why I’ve included it on here! For those of us in Scotland it gives us a chance to climb our highest peak – which is certainly an achievement that many people would like to make in their lifetimes. If you want to give it a try though, I’d urge you to make sure you go prepared! Every year there are people who get stuck on Ben Nevis and have to get air lifted down. Making sure you have the right clothing, equipment and supplies is paramount before any ascent and I’d always recommend you try a few smaller hills first to get used to ascending hills of this magnitude first. Also, please be aware – even if it’s warm down in Fort William, this does not mean there won’t be bad weather conditions up on Ben Nevis. Again, please do prepare properly for such an ascent! Provided you do though, it will be well worth the journey!

Enjoy a tasting session at Ben Nevis Distillery

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more relaxed to do in Fort William and whiskey’s your drink of choice, Ben Nevis Distillery is nearby! Established in 1825, it’s one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland. It’s also nestled at the bottom of Ben Nevis itself so you have an impressive backdrop to your tasting sessions!

Walk the beautiful Steall Falls and Nevis Gorge walkway

Possibly one of the best short walks in Scotland, this particular route heads through some dramatic and beautiful scenery, ultimately leading you to the stunning Steall Falls. This is definitely not a walk I’d miss out on if you’re up in Fort William!

Visit Old Inverlochy Castle

If you’re looking for something historic to entice you to Fort William, then look no further than Old Inverlochy Castle! The castle was built in the 1200s and apparently it was built on the remains of a fort dating back a further 500 years! It was also the backdrop to the first and second battles of Inverlochy. Why not take a visit and find out more!

Take part in some water sports!

For William has been known for some time as the outdoors capital of Scotland and one reason for that is the amount of water sports activities you can do in the town. You can literally do everything from canoeing to canyoning and full-blown sailing here amongst many other activities! White water rafting is also a pretty popular water sport activity to take part in here.

Walk the West Highland Way

Walking the West Highland Way is definitely one of Scotland’s highlights I have to say! There is an immense amount of stunning scenery to behold on it including loch shores and open moorlands! Running from Milngavie to Fort William (or the other way around), and at 96 miles long, this is however, not a day trip activity to take part in. A lot of planning will be involved if you’re taking part in this walk! My personal advice is start from South to North and finish up in Fort William rather than the other way around. This is just because the southern parts of the walk are a bit easier and will build you up to the northern parts!

See Neptune’s Staircase

Raising the canal by 19m (62ft) over a quarter of a mile and taking around 90 minutes for a boat to travel up or down the locks, this amazing feet of engineering built by Thomas Telford is the longest staircase lock flight in Scotland. The West Highland trainline also crosses the canal at the bottom of Neptune’s Staircase. The Caledonian Canal itself is also used by everybody from muti-million-pound yachts to wee fishing trawlers as well as the occasional old Viking longboat! It’s a nice wee place to go for a walk whilst marvelling at the boats!

I plan on writing much more about Fort William in the future, but hopefully this wee blog post has inspired you enough to find out more about this wee town set in an epic location and make you come visit!

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