Me at Eileen Donan Castle, Scotland.
Hi! My name is Jane and I’m the Scottish travel writer/blogger over here at Travels in Caledonia! After 6 years of continuously travelling around the world – and writing about it on my old travel blog RunawayJane.com – one day I had what I like to call my Dougie MacClean moment! Basically, one minute, it seems, after quite a bit of time on the road, I suddenly missed home! So much so that I booked a ticket home to Scotland from Barcelona, promising to make my homeland my permanent base again after many years of being a bit of a nomad! In case you’re wondering at this point though what this all has to do with songwriter Dougie MacClean… Well, his famous song about Scotland called Caledonia was written after having a similar moment travelling abroad. Hence the name of this blog – Travels in Caledonia! Also, if you’ve not heard the song before then I urge you to check it out! It’s one of Scotland’s finest about missing the country we call home.

In terms of what this site’s about though, well, it’s really aimed at travellers in the sort of midrange budget of travelling who are interested in coming to Scotland. Essentially what I’m saying is that long gone are my budget backpacking days over on RunawayJane.com! In my 30s now as opposed to 20s, I’m interested in travelling in a wee bit more comfort and style and stay in good standard hotels on most trips nowadays. This is not to say however that I don’t want value for money! I’ll always be trying to get the best deal for what I’m purchasing, or trying to get a better hotel for less, but it’s value for money I want when travelling in Scotland rather than going for the cheapest option if you know what I mean? I want to get the most out of my money, but I’m also aware that sometimes if I want to get a certain standard of accommodation, transport or tour etc., then I need to pay for it. Even if your budget is a wee bit different from mine though, hopefully you’ll still find my destination guides on this blog helpful in some way. First and foremost, this blog is about me trying to use my country knowledge and years of travel experience to help you travel to/in Scotland. Although forgive me for boasting a wee bit about my home country. I hope you enjoy what you see on my new site.