Wee Trips I Have Planned in Scotland for March (2020)


March is a busy month for me. I’m currently a mature student about to complete an honours degree and I have a dissertation due on the 27th plus a few other assessments due soon after.  For that reason, March won’t be as busy as other months in terms of travel around Scotland for me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to fit in some day trips here and there! Below is a list of what I plan to visit and write about in the coming month!

A day (or two) out in Stirling!

Stirling is fairly close to where I stay in Scotland, but I’m also lucky in that I have family who live even closer to the historic town so I will probably stay with them the night I’m in Stirling which gives me an even better launch pad for getting out and about the next day too. One day is usually probably enough to be honest if you’re on a quick jaunt around Scotland, but because I’m based here and I want to capture a lot of picture and video content, then I’ll be taking my time over 2 days. It also gives me flexibility if the weather is particularly bad which it has been in February.

My itinerary isn’t set in full yet, but I won’t be going without seeing such sights as Stirling Castle, the National Wallace Monument, Old Town Jail, The Church of the Holy Rude and nearby Bannockburn, ground to the famous Battle of Bannockburn.

A Visit to South Queensferry and the Forth Rail Bridge

South Queensferry is a great wee day trip from nearby Edinburgh and I plan on taking a day to visit the town which is home to the iconic Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland. Aside from that there are lots of wee independent shops and pubs and places to eat in South Queensferry so I will be indulging in a bit of eating and pottering about the shops on my wee day out there.  

A day out by the beach at Portobello

I realise when you say the words ‘Scotland’ and ‘March’ you’re probably not thinking about beaches, but I love a good coastal walk and picnic on the beach whenever I can get it! Of course, I’ll be waiting until near the end of March probably to do my day to Portobello rather than the beginning of it, so it’ll probably be early Spring rather than late Winter, so hopefully the weather will be ok. If you’re in Edinburgh and want a short jaunt to the seaside this is also somewhere you might want to visit!

A coastal visit to North Berwick

I’ve only been to North Berwick once before and have always wanted to go back! It’s a beautiful area and again, it’s another coastal town that I’ll be visiting in March. One of my favourite things to do here was watch the wee fishing boats bobbing up and down so I’ll be doing much more of that. Whilst further away than Portobello from Edinburgh, it’s also still just a short drive away, taking around an hour by car from the city centre.

A day (or two) of Museum & Gallery hopping in Edinburgh

It’s been an age since I’ve gone museum and gallery hopping in Edinburgh, so I wanted to do a bit of that over a day or two. It’s also something I can do if it’s rainy or windy outside without any bother. Museums & Galleries I plan to include are the Museum on the Mound, Surgeons Hall Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, City Art Centre, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Buildings 1 & 2) and the Nelson Monument Museum (including climbing the tower).

A photo-taking day in Linlithgow and Blackness Castle

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, Linlithgow is my home town and I’d like to take more photos of the main sights such as Linlithgow Palace & Loch as well as nearby Blackness Castle, so when the weather picks up a bit I’ll be popping up to do that.

I’ve deliberately picked places this month that are near to my base here in Scotland as my schedule regarding deadlines is so busy at the moment unfortunately. I therefore can’t really take a longer distance or longer time-frame trip away in March. If you’re based towards the centre or east side of central Scotland though, these are all places I’d recommend going! Hopefully in April I will be able to take some more jaunts away slightly further afield (particularly towards the end of April) but until then it will have to be a day or two here or there until my schedule is more clear.

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